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This tease is brought to you by primary colours! A little while ago, we saw Square Enix send out a job posting for a Narrative Director for their upcoming Avengers game. That was a pretty solid and explicit hint at what they are going for. As we approach E3 season, they might be laying down some more implicit hints along the way. Last month, Square Enix tweeted out an image confirming their presence at E3. A couple of days ago, they did it again, with slight differences. On either side of the image, there were colours; green and blue. In the new image, they are purple and orange.

Avengers Game

Big whoop, Square Enix likes their colours. Well, allow me to maybe read too much into this. Anyone who has been following the MCU movies or are fans of the Marvel comics will realize the significance of certain colours. The Infinity Stones have their own signature colours. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple all represent the Reality, Space, Time, Mind, Soul, and Power Stones, respectively. Using these colours in their E3 images are no coincidence considering their Avengers project. If we see a yellow and red variant of the image, that would almost confirm the game’s presence at E3.

Since this is all speculation, let’s go all in on it. If this is a hint at the Avengers game, then we can assume that the story will include the Infinity Stones in some major way. Perhaps it will be adapted from the Infinity Saga of the MCU, adapted from the Infinity Gauntlet comics. We can only hope. Square Enix will showcase new titles on June 10th.

Do you think this is an Avengers tease? Let us know in the comments below.

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Square Enix May Be Teasing Their Avengers Game for E3

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