Several Life is Strange 2 Episodes Currently Can’t Be Bought Individually

Some gamers who were hoping to be able to purchase the recently released second episode of Life is Strange 2 became upset over the fact that this episode and the next three episodes in the series currently can’t purchased individually.

The game’s publisher, Square Enix, responded to these complaints in a lengthy Friday statement that stated that the publisher was “considering ways to make things right”.

Life is Strange 2

“With Life is Strange: Before the Storm, as well as many other episodic games on Steam, the only option was to buy the full season,” part of Square Enix’s statement read. “For Life is Strange 2, we expected the change in main characters to mean some of you would want to try episode 1 before purchasing the full game, so we are offering a plan of a standalone Ep 1, a season pass for eps 2-5 as well as the full season.”

“We tried to make this clear from the store page but we now see that the expectation was that all episodes would be available individually,” the statement continued. “We appreciate that we could have made this clearer in our communications and we sincerely apologize for that.”

Life is Strange 2

“We do want to assure you that we are continuing to monitor the situation and are considering ways to make things right, though there is no fast or easy solution that will please everyone,” the statement also read. “Please do not ever feel ignored – we are reading, absorbing and learning from everything discussed and will continue to do so throughout the season.”


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