Is Final Fantasy X-3 on the Way?

Square Enix recently teased the possibility of Final Fantasy X-3 during the Dissidia NT community broadcast. Final Fantasy X is one of the only mainline games in the series to get a direct sequel.

Dissidia NT is a Final Fantasy fighting game spin-off set in the series’ universe. During the broadcast, Square Enix showed off the “later years” illustration of Tidus and Yuna, as shown above. The picture portrays the two main characters when they’re older.


The drawing was created by Tetsuya Nomura, who is currently heading the Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as Kingdom Hearts 3. Although the drawing alone is a hint at the possibility Final Fantasy X-3, voice actress Marika Kouno asked if the illustration has any connection to the potential sequel.

Final Fantasy X Producer Yoshinori Kitase responded with the following:

“Currently, Final Fantasy X’s latest story is recorded in the voice drama for the HD Remaster, but back when we decided to include the voice drama the staff was really excited about the thoughts of ‘Don’t you want to make Final Fantasy X-3?’ However, most of them have been busy and so we haven’t been able to make it happen.”


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Square Enix Teases Possibility of Final Fantasy X-3