The Reskin is in the Stylings of CarBotAnimations

The popular YouTube channel CarBotAnimations dedicates itself to creating cute, comedic videos, often based on StarCraft. The about section of the channel describes itself as “We do some cartoons about hames we like. Its fun.” The channel is extremely popular, averaging over one million views every video. Therefore, it makes sense that Blizzard is developing a graphics pack that will make characters in Starcraft: Remastered appear similar to the stylings of CarBotAnimations.

This is not the first time that such a modification has been created for the StarCraft universe. A similar mod is available for StarCraft 2 that makes all the graphics into cartoons.

Considering Blizzard in helping with the package, it makes sense that it is more comprehensive. The reskin is for the entire game, which means that cutscenes will also seem cartoonish.