Worth A Double Dip, This One

One day Stardew Valley will be on as many platforms as the original Doom. You’ll see stories about people loading it up on hospital equipment, subway terminals and Jumbotrons. Until then, bask in the wonderful news that Stardew Valley is coming to iOS and Android!

Stardew Valley

The iOS version is coming on October 24th. As for the Android version, that release date has yet to be announced. Whichever version you end up getting (and you should really grab one of them) it’ll only be 7.99 USD. The only thing missing will be mods and multiplayer. You’ll even be able to transfer over your saves!


As far as the multiplayer question goes, it sounds like the teams are hard at work ensuring that said functionality makes its way to every version of the game. Well, they’re working on multiplayer for every console version. Maybe the mobile ports will get it afterwards as well? Even if that’s nothing but a distant pipe dream, this is still pretty great news. I for one look forward to spending my transit trips building an amazing farm, fishing, and utterly ignoring all of my potential suitors. My first love is the land, after all.


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Stardew Valley Coming to Android and iOS Next

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