Whenever It Actually Comes Out

Steam is allegedly entering the streaming game with Steam TV, an upcoming service that seems like a competitor for Twitch. We don’t know a whole lot about this project yet, but a recent article and a Twitter tease suggest that this is happening, possibly soon.

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A Venture Beat report from Pavel Djundik (the creator of SteamDB) states that Steam TV has been registered as a domain by Valve. He later went on to tease the same info on Twitter. Why might this be happening soon? Well, The International is coming up. Said event is Dota 2’s largest tournament. What better way would there be to showcase a new streaming service?


Admittedly, using a major international game tournament as your testing bed for a brand new streaming service sounds kind of risky, but this is Valve we’re talking about. Surely they have the resources to pull this off. While there’s been no official announcement just yet, we can expect to see one soon, assuming all of this juicy info is legitimate. I can scarcely imagine what sort of upset this could provide to the whole streaming economy. What kind of money could change hands? Will this act as a viable alternative beyond Twitch and YouTube? Will Steam TV be as much of a lawless wasteland as Steam tends to be?


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Steam TV Could Offer Twitch Some Competition