Brief Deals Are Best Deals

Steam Sales are as reliable as the seasons themselves, yet something has been missing from their deals landscape for some time now. Steam has been free of Flash Sales for a couple of years now. Now a report has come in stating that they’re on their way back.

Steam Greenlight Steam Bundle flash sales

According to a Tweet from Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network, Flash Sales are coming back in a way that gives developers and publishers a bit more control over them. Specifically, they’ll be able to control how long a Flash Sale lasts. The new Flash Sale could last anywhere from twelve hours to six.


If true, this could be huge news for PC gaming bargain hunters. Flash Sales are typically where the price of a given game gets the lowest. On top of that, one would assume that the shorter sales will be even crazier than the long ones. Although it’s not like Steam wasn’t already lousy with sales, the return of the Flash format could be a godsend for anyone gaming on a tight budget. Hopefully Valve makes an official announcement on the return of their Flash Sales soon.


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Steam’s Flash Sales Maybe On Their Way Back