Finally, Even More Fighters to Punch in the Street!

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition recently added two fighters to its already vast roster and those two fighters are fan favorite Sagat and a new character named G.

Sagat is already pretty well-known since he’s been a character in the Street Fighter series since the first game so here’s some info on G: he likes to think of himself as the “President of the World” and as someone who can unite Earth “under his name”, according to an official PlayStation blog post.

Unfortunately for him, hardly anyone seems to care and this lead to him being ignored. Despite this, he’s still a dangerous fighter with who has a “fiery move set”, PlayStation explained.

Street Fighter V

“In a fiery move set that hints at his true nature, G is able to draw power from the Earth to improve his ‘Presidentiality,’” read the blog post. “With every level his Presidentiality increases, his special moves become stronger and new combos are unlocked. Being able to charge up in the midst of a fight is vital in G’s game plan as his Presidentiality will decrease when he’s knocked down.”

“With magma, Earth energy, and a penchant for giving speeches, G is a character who should not be taken lightly,” the blog post continued.


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