Until Dawn Devs Submassive Games Reveal VR Thriller Shattered State

With The Game Awards and the Kinda Funny Games Showcase in our rearview, you might have been thinking the game announcements have taken a break however today, a brand game reveal was dropped. Supermassive Games, the developers behind games like Until Dawn and VR title Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, have just revealed their latest game and it’s called Shattered State.

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The developers out of England have not only revealed the new game, but it seems they’ve managed to keep it so hush hush that they were able to release it today as well without a single leak getting in their way! That’s right, this newly announced title Shattered State, a new narrative driven VR political thriller, is officially available to play as well for Google’s Daydream platform. So if you have a compatible phone or headset, you can give this new title a try.

Supermassive Games isn’t a stranger to virtual reality, with titles like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Bravo Team and, The Impatient and now this latest title joins the ranks. Surely by now you’re wondering what Shattered State is about, so if you’re uncertain about what to expect, here’s a little snippet about the game from Steve Gross, Director of Design and Technology at Supermassive Games. “We give you the role of the director of the National Intelligence Agency, which is a fictitious federal security organization in a fictitious country. It’s a country driven by political disagreement; it’s a country with nationalism and liberalism, and minorities. It reflects a super view of what the world – of what countries – can feel like. We put you into a political situation of this country’s worst ever day, and we ask you to make decisions on the fate of the nation.” 

Simon Harris, the Executive Producer of VR games at Supermassive also shared his thoughts on the game saying, “We are delighted to be partnering with Google to bring our acclaimed storytelling and production values to Daydream. This partnership has enabled us to create a game which we believe sets a new benchmark for mobile VR.” You can check out the features for Shattered Glass, as well as it’s trailer below.

  • Create your own story – Immerse yourself in a cinematic thriller, where your choices have consequences with real impact on the course of events and the outcome of the game.
  • A unique VR experience – A fast-paced gaming experience bringing Supermassive’s high production values to Google Daydream.
  • Multiple outcomes – every decision you make changes the course of the game, providing multiple paths and outcomes within the same story.
  • Believable characters – can you make the right choices, who do you believe? Who is on your side?
  • The game supports the WorldSense™ feature and is optimized for the Lenovo Mirage Solo standalone VR headset.

Shattered State is available now exclusively in the Google Play Store for Google Daydream compatible devices. Are you planning on jumping into the action? Let us know your comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates.