Sunless Sea, Failbetter games’ nautical roguelike that released on PC over three years ago in February 2015, is coming to PlayStation 4 later this year. This marks the first time the developer has been on consoles.

Sunless Sea takes place in an alternate-Victorian universe shared by some of Failbetter’s other games. Players are tasked with sailing the cryptic, abyssal depths of the Unterzee, captaining ships to chart the unchartable waters. Explore islands until you meet your untimely and inevitable death, then do it all again with a new captain with knowledge of what killed you the previous time.

You can check out the PS4 trailer below.

The game emphasizes narrative vignettes and atmosphere over all else, so don’t go expecting a top-down Sea of Thieves. The narrative hooks are some of the most interesting in the genre, which you can explore more of here as the PS4 version includes the Zubmariner expansion with it.

Sunless Sea will be available later this year on the PlayStation 4.

Sunless Sea’s Narrative-Heavy Zubmariner Edition Coming To PlayStation 4