Super Mario Maker 2 Players Can Now Make Even More Courses

A recent Super Mario Maker 2 notice has informed players that the in-game course limit has been increased from 32 courses to 64 courses. Also, according to this notice, the course limit will be increased again sometime in the future.

Super Mario Maker 2

“The maximum number of courses that you can upload has been increased from 32 to 64 courses,” the message read. “We plan to raise the course-upload limit one more time.” The original course limit of 32 was somewhat controversial because in the previous Super Mario Maker game up to 100 courses could be uploaded.

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“There is something truly zen about making your own levels,” the review’s author wrote. “Never mind your degree of talent or ambition. Nintendo has made it a calming, joyous exercise to place blocks and build worlds. I’ve already sunk hours into an ill-fated airship adventure destined for casual engagement and momentary disdain.”


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Sources: Nintendo Everything, Reddit

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Super Mario Maker 2 Course Limit Upped to 64 Courses