Super Meat Boy Forever Will Launch “Not Too Far After April 2019”

Super Meat Boy Forever, the sequel to the indie hit Super Meat Boy, has been delayed out of its originally planned April 2019 release date.

The developer, Team Meat, wrote a statement on Twitter explaining the delay: “We’ve been knocking out the last bits of Super Meat Boy Forever at record speeds while keeping a healthy and sustainable pace. We are going to keep that pace which means we will not hit our April 2019 release. Sorry about that. We could have sacrificed our minds, bodies, and social lives to make April 2019, but that’s stupid.”

Super Meat Boy Forever was originally announced back in 2014 so it’s been a long time coming for fans of the brutally hard original. The sequel was intended to be a mobile game but gradually, over time, grew in scope. It will now launch for mobile, PC, Linux, and consoles including the Nintendo Switch. It will differ from the original game by featuring procedurally generated gameplay that will adapt on the fly to the player’s skill level.

Super Meat Boy Forever


The statement goes on to say that “Team Meat isn’t some studio owned by an Evil Asshat corporation that has say over what we do and how we do it. We are fortunate enough to have control over how we work and we choose not to run ourselves into the ground.”

While they do admit that “game delays blow, we know,” the wait won’t be too long. In fact, the developer promises that the next trailer will have a concrete release date and that it’s “not too far after April 2019.”

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Super Meat Boy Forever Gets Delayed

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