Some of Gaming’s Forgotten Heroes May Be Coming to Smash

A recent video on Snapchat shows some yet-to-be-released Smash Bros. marketing materials that may or may not confirm a handful of surprising and unannounced characters.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Final Leaked Roster

The banner at the bottom is the real incriminating evidence pointing towards new characters here, as the community on ResetERA has already ripped, lightened, and contrasted it with past officially released banners that look almost identical – with a few differences. The unannounced characters are said to be Shadow the Hedgehog, Street Fighter’s Ken, Geno from Super Mario RPG, the Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven, Mach Rider, Isaac from the long-dormant-though-beloved Golden Sun JRPG series, and Banjo Kazooie.

The inclusion of Banjo Kazooie would still be quite surprising. The game’s developer, Rare, has been owned by Microsoft since the early 2000s, but Xbox head Phil Spencer has publicly stated multiple times that he’d love to let the Bear and Bird duo make a trip to Nintendo Town.

In other recent Smash Bros. news, during a dedicated Nintendo Direct back in August, Nintendo showed off the game’s 100+ stages and a ton of new assist trophies, and shortly after announced a shiny new Switch bundle.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate drops this coming December 7th for Nintendo Switch. Let us know what you think in the comments and keep it locked to COGconnected for all the latest gaming news!


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Final Roster May Have Leaked

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