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You can never have too many friends. Thanks to a recently discovered Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch, you can have an endless supply of friends! This glitch was apparently discovered by a YouTuber by the name TheAfrowJow. Here’s how it works: At least two players need to be Isabelle. The two Isabelles must then use their fishing rod move on an assist trophy item at the same time. If it works, the Isabelle who grabs the trophy first will loop the animation that spawns the assist character, endlessly. The result is the same character being summoned over and over. The only way out of this cycle of destruction is defeat! You’ve probably played a casual match with a friend using only Pokéballs at one point or another. This glitch is like that but on speed.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch

It is unlikely that this glitch will be effective in a competitive setting because of the precision and intent it requires to carry it out. However, if you  just want to mess around with a friend and spawn infinite Walugis, then this might be worth a look. And hey, just a bright idea off the top of my head, try to make it a contest: who can survive an Armageddon of Majora’s Mask moons the longest? Or any other summon for that matter?


So far, no official word yet from Nintendo has come out on their plan on patching this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch, but you can be sure that they will do it. Take advantage of it while you can. If you just want to witness the chaos this glitch can bring, TheAfrowJow made a second video displaying the various possible assist trophy spawns x1000.

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Source: Kotaku

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Spawns Trouble