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You may remember a little game called Superhot. It is basically John Wick: The Game, allowing players to take out enemies with precise strikes and shots from anything you find in your environment. Superhot is well-known to be one of the first, best games for VR. It succeeded where many had failed in blending immersive action and freedom in a virtual space. Fans of the game are now being treated to more Superhot fun with Super Hot: Mind Control Delete. The reveal trailer was released yesterday.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

The trailer shows off more of the Superhot action that we have come to enjoy, followed by a rather extensive blurb about what Superhot: Mind Control Delete is. What started out as free DLC for Superhot owners has transformed into a much larger project than the developers originally intended. It has become “a game bigger and bolder than its predecessor.” It goes on to say that the plan to be given out for free remains the same for owners of the original game. However, if you received Superhot through some promotion like Xbox Games for Gold or an Epic Games Store giveaway, you will not get the game for free.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be launching on July 16th, so if you bought Superhot before that date, you will get the follow-up for free. If you do not have Superhot yet, you have just under a week to pick it up and thereby becoming eligible for the free game next week. Superhot: Mind Control Delete will be coming out on July 16th for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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Superhot: Mind Control Delete Revealed, Surprise for Superhot Owners

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