Four years ago, I was in dire straits as a Wii U owner. The console was flopping, Nintendo couldn’t move units, and developers who all seemed to be on board at the beginning were nowhere to be seen. Many, many quality experiences passed me by in that era, but that’s changed. The Switch has been a complete 180 for Nintendo and it now seems like any game that’s anything is making its way to the system. For years, Nintendo fans were beggars, now we’re the choosers.

One of those titles that flew by my wayside was Abzû, the underwater adventure game from Giant Squid. As a massive fan of the Endless Ocean titles on Wii, I was in desperate need for another underwater exploration game. Turns out Abzû doesn’t exactly fill that void, and while the end product is a stunning sight to behold, it’s also one that falls short of its artistic ambition.

Switch Port Report: Abzu screenshot

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Switch Port Report: Abzu