Sony might be striking out with PlayStation Plus’ July line-up, but at least Xbox One gamers are getting some quality titles. Both Symphony of the Night and Inside headline a month that is pretty decent, overall. Meet the Robinsons, based on the 2007 film of the same name, and Big Crown: Showdown may not be the most exciting choices, but both titles are at least decently received, so they could be worth a shot.

As with every title Microsoft gives out on “Games With Gold,” you’ll have specific redemption periods to grab them. I’ll list those before since they can get a little confusing. You really should grab Symphony of the Night, even if you have no interest in Castlevania. While the dialogue is cheesy and there are a few elements that were refined in successive entries, the game holds up remarkably well.

Symphony of the Night and Inside headline July's Games with Gold selection screenshot

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Symphony of the Night and Inside headline July’s Games with Gold selection