It’s Practically Time Travel

There’s a new Sega Genesis game out today! Okay, it’s also being released on PC, but that happens all the time. Big Evil Corporation is releasing Tanglewood today for systems both new and old. If there was ever a reason to bust out old console, perhaps this game will get you digging for it?


Tanglewood is a platformer reminiscent of titles like Sonic the Hedgehog and Aladdin. Since this is a modern title, there’s a bit of that old Metroidvania running under the hood. Make no mistake, however: this is as authentic as retro gets. The team at BEC used retro development tools from start to finish, including something called 68000 assembly language.


As far as gameplay goes, this is a 90’s platformer all the way down, judging by the trailer. Sadly, I don’t own a Sega Genesis, so any retro adventures will have to be on PC. The cartridge is compatible with both the Genesis and the Mega Drive. The PC version even comes with a ROM, in case you’re looking to pop Tanglewood onto a flash cart. You can order the physical cartridge here, and check out the trailer below. Again, Tanglewood is out right this second for Genesis, PC, Mac and Linux.


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Tanglewood Out On PC And… Sega Genesis Today