Someone’s Been Playing With The Time Stone

It looks like the Mad Titan may be coming back to Battle Royale island soon according to some datamined files in the most recent Fortnite patch.

Thanos Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet

Dataminer FortTory has discovered a set of files with the “Carmine” name attached to them, which was the codename for the Infinity Gauntlet mode the first time around this past Summer. Also, another user by the name of lucas7yoshi_ found an audio file called “Carmine_Disapear_01” :

If Thanos is coming back it makes sense that these files would begin making their way into the game now – surely Epic is aware that their patches would get datamined into oblivion and fans would find them sooner rather than later, and considering the Avengers: Endgame trailer just dropped to widespread applause, well, I guess it’s never too early to start building hype.


Fortnite’s currently available for just about everything under the sun, and is coming off of a busy week as Season 7 just kicked off, as well as the opening of the game’s creative mode and a dedicated area on Battle Royale island for fan-made areas. Let us know if you’d like to see Thanos come back to Fortnite in the comments!


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Thanos Could Be Coming Back To Fortnite