Flappy Royale is a Take on the Popular Mobile Game Flappy Bird

The popularity of Flappy Bird continues to resonate through the years. Previously this year, an Overwatch version of Flappy Bird became available to fans via the Overwatch Workshop. It, therefore, makes sense that the iconic mobile game intertwines with the genre sweeping the gaming community; battle royales. The result is a spectacular, free-to-play game with a fitting, albeit not overly creative, name – Flappy Royale.

The battle royale genre is becoming an increasingly popular genre, with many companies leveraging its popularity to help improve their game’s ratings, such as Fallout 76. Additionally, existing, popular games are frequently receiving a battle-royal feature or rendition, such as the Super Mario Battle Royale.

The game is a collaboration between Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker. It utilizes a common battle royale formula, by placing 99 players against each other in a single map. Of course, staying true to Flabby Bird, the map is the familiar array of pipes. Players compete to see who can make it furthest on the map, using the same controls as the original Flappy Bird.

The game is fairly simple, although does have some comedic features. Players are driven in by a flying, orange school bus before being set free to dodge the endless maze of pipes. Fellow players are visible but appear as a translucent, ghost-like avatar. Character customization exists, although remains fairly rudimentary at this time as players can choose to become a banana instead of a bird or change the color of their feathers.

Flappy Royale is available to play for free here on your web browser.

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The Battle Royale Craze Continues with Flappy Royale