The Bridge Is Only Free on the Epic Games Store for One More Day

Indie logic puzzle game, The Bridge, is free for one more day on the Epic Games Store. On January 30th, the puzzle game will be replaced by the in-depth Farming Simulator 19. Epic Games lists The Bridge as “a logic puzzle game that forces you to reevaluate your preconceptions of physics and perspective.” If you’re interested in an increasingly difficult puzzle title, download The Bridge on the Epic Games Store as the current freebie before it’s replaced on Thursday.


There are 24 different gravity defying levels full of puzzles to solve in The Bridge and upon finishing all of these levels, gamers will unlock more challenging alternate versions of each of the original 24 puzzles and an alternate ending. The two dimensional, black and white art style of the game is brought to life as the levels spin and rotate into place, allowing for interesting platforming while exploring and solving the puzzle. Developers at The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild have created a unique, gravity defying experience with beautifully hand-drawn art a black-and-white lithograph style.


When Farming Simulator 19 releases as Epic Games Store’s freebie tomorrow, gamers can expect an in-depth simulation experience in creating their dream farms. This title takes what games like Harvest Moon and Farmville started and makes the most definitive farming experience game of all time. Granted, developers at Giants Software continue to outdo themselves with each update to the Farming Simulator catalog, Farming Simulator is a great place for new fans to start and getting it for free is certainly the right price.

Will you be downloading Farming Simulator 19 or The Bridge on the Epic Games Store this week? What’s your favorite Epic Games Store freebie so far? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer

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The Bridge Free on Epic Games Store for One More Day