Gears Gameplay May Change for the Better

The Gears of War franchise started with a solid gameplay formula that held strong for three installments, and that was the limit for many fans. The problem with Gears 4, some people believe, is that it didn’t try anything new. However, the last iteration was the product of a new studio who was testing the waters. According to studio head Rod Fergusson, now that Gears 4 is done, the team will try new and exciting things with Gears 5.

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In an interview with YouTube Channel Nerdbunker, Fergusson said The Coalition had to prove itself. They couldn’t innovate on a franchise they’d just received. With Gears 5, the team is going to be more ambitions through the portrayal of Kait’s story and deliver more on top of an “autheniticGears experience.

“Basically, it was a reaction to what we want to do with the franchise,” Fergusson said. “We were a new team, a new studio, Gears was coming back after being on the shelf for a while and we didn’t want to mess with the formula, we didn’t want to change it too much because we wanted to prove that we can build an authentic Gears of War experience. Now that we have done that and people have accepted Gears 4 now it is an opportunity with Gears 5 to bring in the new. We really want to show what we want to do with the franchise and where we want to take it; whether it is changing core mechanics, the way we do storytelling, or the way to make certain aspects around controls and gameplay, or whether it is reaching with new types gameplay mobile and tactics on PC.”


In the same interview, Fergusson called Kait’s role as Gears 5’s protagonist an “organic decision.” If you played the Gears of War 4 campaign (no spoilers), then you know that the ending raises some questions. The team decided the best way to answer those questions is by playing as Kait in the sequel.

The Coalition gave us a pretty meaty look at gameplay during Microsoft E3, which showed hints of their gameplay expansion. What are your thoughts on everything we’ve seen thus far? Comment down below.

SOURCE: GamingBolt

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The Coalition Actually Plans to Innovate with Gears 5