The Updated Escalation Versus Mode for Gears 5 Looks Awesome

At E3 2019 The Coalition decided to show players a glimpse of a brand new Escape PvE mode for Gears 5 where three players have to set a bomb in enemy Swarm territory before trying to escape. Up until now however, they’ve been pretty tight lipped about their Versus PvP mode Escalation. That is, until they showcased the game mode during Episode 4 of ELEAGUE Gears Summer Series: The Bonds And Betrayals of Brotherhood.

gears 5


During the Twitch stream the developers showed some gameplay of the Escalation game mode, to which they followed it up with a Youtube video of 4 things fans should know about the Versus PvP mode. Now if you’re a fan of the Gears of War series, you’ll recognize the game mode from Gears of War 4, however there are a few changes and updates that have been made.

If you’re not familiar with the gameplay Escalation is an objective-based game mode where teamwork and strategy is key. Two teams of five battle for control of three marked points on the map, much like domination in Call of Duty or Battlefield for example, and for every one of these rings held on the map your team earns one point towards the round ending goal of 250. If you are lucky or skilled enough to hold all three points on the map at the same time, you’ll win the round with an instant Domination victory. The first team to win seven rounds wins the game. You can watch the video below for the complete lowdown on what to expect from the Escalation game mode.

The Versus tech test is less than two weeks away, where those who have pre-ordered Gears 5 or who have a current Xbox Game Pass subscription, can take part in playing and testing the Versus modes for the upcoming title. Gears 5 is set to drop for the Xbox One, and PC on September 10th. Are you excited for the next Gears game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!