Uncanny Valley Gets a 50% Price Cut on Nintendo Switch

Uncanny Valley, the eerie pixel-art horror adventure from Cowardly Creations, has been given a Switch release date. Weirdly enough, it’s on December 25th, Christmas Day.

Both the developer, Cowardly Creations, and indie publisher Digerati made the announcement alongside a new Switch trailer. As a special launch day bonus, the game’s price will be slashed by 50 per cent. Sweet Christmas, indeed!

Originally released on PC in 2015, Uncanny Valley is a story-driven survival horror game where your “choices have meaningful consequences that will determine your fate.” You play as a security guard named Tom who works the night shift at an abandoned facility. Tom, who is being tormented with disturbing dreams, chooses to explore the creepy offices and corridors of the facility which lead him to discover its dark and scary secret.

Uncanny Valley Featured


While Uncanny Valley is memorable for its art style and unique consequence system, we still called the experience “jumbled and tedious.” Here’s a slice of what our reviewer said about the game (reviewed on Xbox One):

“Uncanny Valley has strong presentation and an interesting story to tell but it’s held back by bad execution and cumbersome controls. The repeat playthroughs — while they do flesh out the story some more — didn’t make the game more enjoyable, but more frustrating as I tried to assemble a story that didn’t need to be told in a disjointed manner. Uncanny Valley has some cool surprises under its hat, it’s just a shame that most players may not have the patience to see it all through.”

Are you still looking to pick it up on Switch? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

SOURCE: Press Release