More Than 108 Million Customers Too

The Epic Games Store had had a great year. It first came on to the scene as a direct competitor to Steam and some thought it would not last. However, not only has it lasted, but it has thrived. The Epic Games Store has made more than 680 million dollars (USD) in its first year and had more than 108 million customers. While it is still far from surpassing Steam as the top dog on PC, it is doing very well for itself.

Epic Mega Sale

Much of Epic Games’ success as a distributor can be credited to their generous business model. Epic Games Store pledged to give developers a higher share of profits if they used them to distribute their games and they kept true to their word. This obviously became quite an attractive idea to almost every developer and it has really paid off. Many large games that were previously on Steam have switched over to Epic Games for this very reason. It has also appealed to the smaller indie games too. There is a smaller audience on the Epic Games Store right now, but a higher share in profits was too enticing for some to pass on.


Exclusives have also helped in Epic Games stunning year. While they do not have the heavy hitters like Dota 2 or Counter-Strike. There are a handful of budding games that can only be found at the Epic Games Store. If 2020 is as big as 2019, then expect to see Steam and other online retailers respond by lowering prices or offering more deals and sales. For almost 20 years Steam was totally unmatched by any other PC distributor, but now they have serious competition on the rise. The 2020s are going to be an interesting decade for sure.