New Map, New Pass, New You

PUBG is arguably the game that sent to the world into a battle royale frenzy a couple of years ago. It definitely inspired games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. However, since both of those games have come out, PUBG is now facing some serious competition. Fornite, Apex Legends, and PUBG are all trying to control the market. Apex Legends has just come out with a new season after the hype around the game died off shortly after release. It’s now PUBG’s turn to show off.

PUBG Trailer

The fourth season of PUBG is now live and it is offering a ton of new stuff. The Erangel map has been totally overhauled and is now going to offer players a completely new experience. The terrain and feel for the game are going to be totally alien to even the most veteran of players. There are also a couple of tweaks to the UI and bug fixes as well. Certain weapons and gadgets are getting balanced too. A new pass is available. The pass will provide players with all-new skins and items from Erangel’s history. Erangel is the games first map so seeing it changed drastically is going to be interesting.

PUBG has taken the spot of the battle royale game that appeals to the more hardcore gamers out there. Particularly on PC. It is available on the major consoles, but it will always be a game dominated by the PC community.

Fortnite might have surpassed PUBG in popularity but that does not mean that the game is dead. Player’s Unknown Battleground has managed to sell around 50 million copies worldwide which means that a dedicated fanbase is almost a guarantee for the years to come.


Season 4 is currently live for Players Unknown Battleground. You can find the game on Steam for PC.


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The Fourth Season for PUBG is Now Live