Masters of Doom is a 2003 Book About the Creation of the Legendary FPS ‘Doom’

The extremely popular video game ‘Doom’ is about to get another film incarnation. In 2005 a live-action movie based on Doom was released, starring Dwayne Johnson back when he was simply known as The Rock. The movie did not garner many positive reviews, owning a pathetic 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, 34% on Metacritic, and 5.2/10 on IMDB. That being said, it might be better than the newest Doom movie. Now, it seems another tale based on Doom is hitting the screens, this time as a television show based on a book that itself is based on the video game. Excitingly, the Franco brothers are producing and starring in the television show, although it is not known what roles they will play.

Doom Eternal

Masters of Doom is a book by David Kushner and talks about the impressive influence that id Software, more specifically co-founders John Carmack and John Romero, have on pop culture. They are the primary creative force behind Doom and the book focuses on the dynamics between them. Predictably, the pair began on good terms but the relationship deteriorated during development.

Many of the writers for the television show are people who have previously worked on video games, not television. Tom Bissell, the lead writer for Gears of War 4, is writing the series and working as an executive producer.

Romero and Carmack have commented on the news via Twitter. Romero writes “This new seems pretty cool. I hope I’m played by someone of my heritage. Any suggestions?” Evidently, Romero is excited about the prospect of having his tale adapted into a tv series.

In comparison, John Carmack states “I wish them well and hope for the best. There are, of course, many opportunities for disaster, but I’m not going to dwell on things out of my influence.”

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