Xbox Adaptive Controller Has Opened so Many Doors

A collaborative engineering effort by ATMakers and AbleGamers recently created an adapter that allows a person to use the controls on their powered wheelchair as a video game controller.

This is a brilliant solution to a problem that has existed for a long time. Although many accessibility-focused controllers have been produced especially since the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller a year and a half ago, having to get used to a new controller has always been a barrier to many users that experiences mobility difficulties. By using the controls that exist on the user’s powered wheelchair, this allows a smooth transition as the muscle memory is already there.

The cost to build this adapter is estimated to cost from 30-35 dollars with all its internal components and a 3d printed case. The process of assembly is relatively simple, with only a basic knowledge of through-hole soldering to put it all together.

Check out ATMaker’s video on how it works and how it was made, very fascinating stuff:

An effort to make video games more accessible has always been around but since the release of Xbox Adaptive Controller, there has been an explosion of accessibility tech. Nowadays I feel like I see something new every month. Plus, through charity organizations like AbleGamers, they have become widely available and can be acquired without much hassle, which was a major factor in preventing these adapters from reaching the people that need it.


It brings me joy that more people are given the ability to enjoy video games and there are constant efforts by selfless people to continue developing these tools. What kind of accessibility tech would you like to see next? And of course, let us know if you are aware of any other tools being developed right now!

Source: The Verge