The Best PlayStation 4 Christmas Gifts 2018

We all know how wild and hectic this time of year can get: Is the tree perfect? Did you get the right sized turkey? How are the stockings looking? You’ve been so busy that you realize – oh no! that joyful little PlayStation 4 gamer in the family! You forgot to buy their gift! With so little time between now and Christmas, it would take a miracle to find just the thing… Lucky for you, COGconnected has put together a list of the very best gifts to give this holiday season so no matter what, come Christmas morning, that gamer is going to have a smile on their face. Check out our video below and see some of the best options available this year with our 2018 Christmas gift guide for PS4 gamers.

There really are so many great options across all kinds of price ranges this year, and each and every entry from this guide is guaranteed to make that special someone happy. But what are you to do if the gamer you know isn’t a PlayStation 4 fan? We went ahead and made sure to cover all the bases! With everything including Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and all manner of accessories, we’ve put together a fantastic guide for each of them! Be sure to check them out for even more holiday ideas!


Do you have any helpful suggestions for those last minute shoppers on what they should get for a PS4 gamer? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. Merry Christmas!