No Specific Reason Was Given for Twin Mirror’s Japanese Version Getting Canned

Publisher Bandai Namco announced Sunday that the Japanese version of Twin Mirror is no longer releasing “for various reasons.” The announcement didn’t go into further detail.

Twin Mirror

Bandai Namco also apologized for the cancellation and “for causing great inconvenience.”

Twin Mirror is about a journalist named Sam who is trying to uncover a mystery after waking up with bloody shirt the day after attending his friend’s funeral. Sam will have to find clues and talk to townsfolk during his investigation.

More Twin Mirror news: it has been delayed to 2020 and will launch on PC on the Epic Games Store. According to the official announcement, the game’s releasing on the Epic Games Store due to the store’s developer-friendly revenue split. However, the game will come out on other digital retail stores (such as Steam) in 2021.


What do you think of this news? Why do you think the Japanese version of this game was cancelled? What’s your opinion of the Epic Games Store deal? Does this seem like an interesting game so far?

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The Japanese Version of Twin Mirror Has Been Cancelled