The Director Pointed to the Final Clue

Over at San Diego Comic-Con, God of War director Cory Barlog decided to clue players into the location of the game’s last, uncovered secret. What they found, well, they found it disappointing.

god of war 1

God of War is a game jam-packed with fascinating secrets and Easter eggs, and, back in May, players learned about one of the most cryptic puzzles. Apparently, the secret was hidden behind the God of War Stone Mason’s Edition, which came with a map and a clue. Through an entire process, players found a way to uncover an Epic Leviathan Axe pommel. However, in the following month, Barlog told fans that one last secret had yet to be uncovered. Of course, this motivated treasure hunters to scatter across the nine realms. But, the search turned up nothing but snow.


At Comic-Con, Barlog threw players a bone by pointing them back to Kratos’ home cabin. Thus, the dedicated hunters turned the place upside down in search of the director’s hinted secret. Though they eventually found something interesting, the discovery has left the internet disappointed. In the end, the secret players discovered is a reference to the game’s ending. Around the time God of War released, Barlog told players that, if they look closely, the starting area will provide answers that don’t reveal themselves until the end of the story.



Each of the four corners of Kratos’ house bears a rune. If they are placed in the right order, they spell out the name “Loki.” Inside, you’ll also notice a symbol that was being woven by Atreus’ mom Faye before she died. Indeed, it is the symbol for Loki which bears two snakes consuming each other’s tails.

Those who’ve completed God of War already know that Atreus is the god Loki. Hence, the secret provided via the home search provides no new information. Hence, the players who’ve spent hours in search of this final secret have been left disappointed. As a matter of fact, many are so underwhelmed that they deny this is the game’s final secret. The denial and dismay are present over on Reddit and Discord, where concept artist Joe Kennedy confirmed that the runes are the final secret.

Obviously, if this is the final secret, then hunters in denial will only be wasting more of their time. We’ll see if Barlog and the Santa Monica team have anything to say about it. Stay tuned.

Source: Kotaku