After making their way through several stages of league play and a brutal playoff bracket, The London Spitfire have taken the inaugural rendition of The Overwatch League.

Although it’s been a long road to get to first place, the Grand Finals were a bit lopsided. The Spitfire managed to beat their opponent, the Philadelphia Fusion, 3-0. At a postgame press conference, Seung-Tae “Bdosin” Choi said “I didn’t think it’d be so easy. Next year I hope we play stronger team.” The seven-person team will take home a $1,000,000 prize, as well as a gauntlet-style trophy.

The team is also looking strong heading into next season, as they also won stage one of the league and also have a team for the contender league, which should help them improve in the offseason and potentially pull players from.

For their part, the Fusion no doubt must retreat to the drawing board after the crushing loss, but some players are taking it in stride. “I want to grow with the Fusion,” said Fusion player Josue “Eqo” Corona. “It’s the only team that gave me a chance.” The team also managed to beat out league favorite NYXL to make it into the finals, which may not be much of a comfort now, but should provide them with the encouragement they need to push forward.

Although the Fusion didn’t make first place, they should be okay to pick up after the end of the season and keep at it. OWL players reportedly make a minimum of $50,000 salaries on top of prize money and endorsements, which should allow them to stick around for a while.

Of course, with the first season of the league behind them, it’s inevitable we’ll see player trading in the off season, as teams scramble to improve their rosters.

The London Spitfire Claim The First Overwatch League Championship