You Can Pet the Dog

Microsoft kicked off E3 2019 and announced a new game for the Blair Witch franchise. Simply called Blair Witch, the game will be launching at the end of the summer, August 30th, 2019. The trailer appears to pay a lot of homage to the 1999 film the Blair Witch Project. It makes use of the found-footage trope that the movie really kicked off. It also features Bullet, the player’s canine companion, and the Blair Witch game’s writer Barbara Kciuk has some pleasing news regarding him. “You can pet the dog! You can pet him all you want.

Blair Witch Game

Not much else is known about how the game will make use of Bullet, but honestly is there not much else that matters. It can be speculated that Bullet will provide the usual services of dogs: following scents; digging up clues, alerting you to danger, cuddles, the usual. I have only one request for Bloober Team: let Bullet live. The protagonist Ellis can die by the end, I don’t care. The missing kid can stay missing, just let Bullet live.

Blair Witch will be released in just over two months for PC and Xbox One. It definitely has some Outlast vibes with the camcorder. Barbara Kciuk also mentions “ever-changing environments.” That could suggest being like the parts in Bloober Team’s other game Layers of Fear where the player could turn around and the room would be completely different than before. Either that or the locations would be varying to keep the look fresh. I would personally prefer the former though.

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Source: The Verge