Sometimes the Gamble Doesn’t Payoff

The Grand Theft Auto Online Diamond Casino update went live yesterday. However, while some people are living large and playing different casino games with their friends online, others are not so lucky. Many fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are simply unable to download the new update due to the strict gambling laws that are in place in their countries. The casino allows players to spend real-world money to buy in-game money to then spend in the casino in GTA. This feature is frowned upon by many governments and they have stopped the update from being available altogether.

gta V top screen


“I launched [the game] and headed straight for the new building, and wanted to buy myself some chips for the games,” wrote one Redditor. But when they tried to purchase in-game chips to spend at the casino, the game informed him that the transaction had been stopped. “After contacting support I received a quick reply that because of my region I cannot enjoy the gambling-related content in the new DLC.”

This is not an isolated incident either. More than 50 countries have banned the casino expansion. While finding out that China or Saudi Arabia have censored something is not a surprise. Nations such as Portugal and Argentina are among the places that have stopped this DLC as well. Many residents are frustrated becasue loot boxes are totally legal. So why would they stop the casino expansion?


Some players have found a VPN that allows them to partake in the fun. However, this is thought to be temporary and is not recommended. They do risk a ban from Rockstar if they are caught though. So be careful if you take this route.

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