Yes, There Will Be Dancing in It

Do you remember the arcade smash hit, Dance Dance Revolution? Do you remember stepping on that dance mat and wishing so badly that a movie based on Dance Dance Revolution would be made? Of course not, but that is what’s happening anyway!

Dance Dance Revolution


According to Variety, Greg Silverman’s new company, Stampede, is developing the movie which will apparently involve a world on the brink of destruction where dancing is the only way to help save the Earth. That actually makes perfect sense.

Stampede will also partner with producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum of Branded Entertainment alongside Konami, who still owns the DDR IP.

The announcement was made by Stampede on Tuesday where they revealed that Cara Fano was being promoted to director of development across film and TV. Fano has been working with Silverman for a long time, including his time at Warner Bros. and during the creation of Stampede.

Dance Dance Revolution was first introduced in Japan in 1998 where it became an unbelievably huge hit across every market. Over the past 20 years, the series has released a plethora of new iterations. The latest game is called Dance Dance Revolution A and it was released in 2016 for Arcades.

What are you expecting to see from a DDR movie? We know you want to see it! Leave us a comment down below.