Don’t Sleep on The Pokémon Company’s New App, Sleep For It!

On a seemingly regular Wednesday afternoon, in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, The Pokémon Company shared some exciting news. A new app, titled Pokémon Sleep, will hit the markets sometime in 2020. The company is deviously hesitant on sharing many details about Pokémon Sleep but has released some information.

For starters, it will use technology similar to the Pokémon Go Plus device. The Pokémon Go Plus device allows players to catch pokemon with a simple click of a button. It also allows players to collect PokéBalls, Eggs and other items without having to check your phone. Pokémon Sleep will use a similar device, capable of the same feats, but this one is embedded with an accelerometer. The accelerometer tracks time sleeping and typical wake-up times  It then sends this data to your phone via Bluetooth. What is this new, amazing device called? What inventive name did The Pokémon Company conjure up as an upgrade for the Pokémon Go Plus? The Pokémon Plus +. Yes, The Pokémon Plus Plus.

The Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara said Pokémon Sleep “aims to turn sleep into entertainment”. This likely means the players will obtains rewards for sleeping a certain amount of time although no specific details for a reward system are available. Niantic CEO John Hanke confirms that Pokémon Sleep is about trying to encourage people “getting a good night’s rest”. This suggests players will receive better rewards for sleeping more.

The Pokemon Company is showing a lot of activity so far this summer. The company has the highly-anticipated duo of new games, Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword set for release soon. The company also has a lot of plans for Pokémon Go this summer.

Check out the video below of The Pokemon Company announcing their new app!

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