Razer Atheris Mobile Productivity Mouse

Having just received and highly praised the Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, I’m thrilled to share my impressions on the Razer Atheris Mobile Productivity Mouse of which I received at E3 2018; courtesy of Razer.

In all honesty, I fully expected this mouse to fall short of mediocrity. After all, it’s not every day a leading peripherals company hands away their products free of charge. Though, having put the mouse to the test over an extended period of time, I’m delighted to share my expectations were far from reality.


That being said, I don’t necessarily recommend it for gaming unless you have the munchkin hands of the guy from old Burger King ads. The Atheris is adorably tiny. I can practically close a fist while it resides snug in my palm. Therefore, I’ve concluded it’ll best serve me as a travel mouse for on-the-go editing. To be expected, it functions on both Mac and PC, and Good news: the Atheris is admirable for video editing and exceptionally responsive while gaming.


The mouse operates through Bluetooth or a dongle. As such, it comes equipped with a snazzy dongle holster that resides between two AA batteries when it’s not in use. Speaking of which, this puny beast packs over 350 hours of continuous juice. While it isn’t innovative, what I admire most about the Atheris is the option between Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz mode. It enables me to wield it on PC via the dongle and bring it on the road when I have videos to knock out. And can we all agree “dongle” is one of the best words in the English language?

To my surprise, the Atheris is incredibly reactive when blasting Peggies in Far Cry 5. Having spent about 5 hours running around Hope County, I haven’t noticed a hint of latency. Again, I don’t intend on continuing my gaming escapades with Atheris in hand, but it’s a damn fine production mouse when projects call for it. I can’t complain about the 7,200 DPI optical sensor either. The Razer Atheris Mobile Productivity Mouse is available now for $49.99 at razer.com. Here’s the full list of tech specs for your convenience:

• Dual 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth LE connectivity

• Battery life: Approximately 350 hours of continuous gaming*

• True 7,200 DPI optical sensor

• Up to 220 IPS / 30 G

• Adaptive Frequency Technology

• On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment

• Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel

• Ambidextrous design with enhanced rubber side grips

• Five independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons

• 1000 Hz Ultrapolling

• 2.4 GHz dongle

• Razer Synapse 3 enabled

• Size: 99.7 mm / 3.9 in (L) X 62.8 mm / 2.5 in (W) X 34.1 mm / 1.35 in (H)

• Approximate weight 66g / 0.14 lbs (Excluding batteries)

• Includes 2 X AA batteries

***Mouse provided by Razer for review***