The Episode Count Has Been Revealed Too 

Like most video games, there have been rumors that there is going to be a Resident Evil tv show for years. However, now it looks as though that has become a reality. Netflix has announced that they are going to start pre-production for the show in April and actually begin filming in the Summer. There is no clear date of when the show is going to be finished and presented to audiences, but it is not unrealistic to expect to see the show debut sometime in 2021.

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The Resident Evil franchise is no stranger to the big screen. As most know, there have been multiple movies based on the series. The movies are not exactly the most faithful adaptations as they are ‘loosely’ based on the games. Reviews have been mixed overall and opinions vary wildly depending on what movie is being discussed.

Naturally, there is very little known about the show other than it is going to start filming soon. We don’t know what the premise of the show is. We also don’t know if it is going to be focusing more heavily on the games, or who will be playing the characters.


It is clear that the success of The Witcher on Netflix has certainly played a large role in giving shows and movies based on video games a type of renewed confidence. While The Witcher was by no means a masterpiece, it was good enough to be enjoyable. Something that a lot of video game adaptations cannot claim.

Perhaps we are going to see a huge surge in new video game based shows and movies. Not to mention that Mortal Kombat, Halo, and Gears of War all have shows or movies that are already on the way.