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This tease is a bit of a long shot, but certainly worth the speculation. We all know about Telltale’s The Walking Dead, the choice-based video game set in The Walking Dead universe. A few characters from the comics make appearances in the games such as Glenn Rhee, Hershel Greene, and Jesus, but they non-canon to the comics. That being said, there is no reason that the comics cannot use characters and events from the games. That actually might be what The Walking Dead creator Robert Krikman might be doing. The last panels of the recent one-shot Negan Lives teases the return/introduction of Clementine to the comics.

The Walking Dead

“P.S. Clementine Lives”. Anyone who played the Telltale games could tell you that, so why is that significant? Well, the final Walking Dead comic of 2019 ended with the words “P.S. Negan Lives”. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kirkman brought the comics back with an issue titled “Negan Lives”. Seeing what came of that Negan tease, it’s not completely unreasonable to think that Kirkman might do a one-shot or a short run of comics with Clementine back in action. Only time will tell if we will see Clementine outside of the games though.


There haven’t been a ton of characters from Telltale’s The Walking Dead that make fans say, “Man, I wish I got to see more of them,” but Clementine sure is one of them. Fans have been with her since she was a small child and they would no doubt like to see the survivor she has grown up to be in the comics.

Do you think Clementine will show up outside of the Telltale games? Do you want her to? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Teases the Return of Clementine