The Xbox One Elite controller is a nifty, expensive little device that lets you fine-tune your gaming experience if you’ve got some cash. And starting next month, you can refine not just like analog sticks, d-pad, and paddles you use to play Xbox One and PC games, but the color, as well.

The white version of Microsoft’s top-of-the-line controller retails for the same price as the original ($150) and offers all the same options, such as reprogrammable buttons, four additional paddles that you push the face buttons without taking your thumb off the analog sticks, and more. The controller will be available starting on October 16, but you can pre-order one now.


This will likely put to rest the rumors Microsoft was working a new iteration of the Elite controller with some new features. That’s unfortunate – considering how long it’s been since the original Elite launched, I would have liked to see some new features, like bluetooth.

The Xbox One Elite Controller Will Be Available In White Next Month