Tomorrow The Division 2’s first raid, The Dark Hours, launches. The raid, which requires eight people with high gear scores to complete, has the game’s community excited for the first massive operation.

However, if you’ve been playing through the Division 2 with random players via the matchmaking option, you might find yourself in for a bit of a surprise when you try to take on the raid. The Dark Hours has no matchmaking option, which means the onus is on you and your pals to wrangle up a group of eight players yourself.

Players have complained about the notice and Ubisoft has acknowledged those complaints…kind of.  The Division 2’s marketing team says that response about why the raid doesn’t have a matchmaking function is on the way:

It’s worth noting that fellow looter shooter Destiny 2 doesn’t have a matchmaking system for its raids either.

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There Is No Matchmaking For The Division 2’s New Raid

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