Cyberpunk 2077 Is Not Going To Hold Your Hand

Plenty of new details have come out about Cyberpunk 2077 since its appearance at this years E3. We have learned that there will be no multiplayer at launch and we finally got a release date. However, it has just been revealed that there will be no morality system withing Cyberpunk 2077. Some sort of morality system is usually a quite common mechanic that is used in RPG’s. Games like Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption used a style of a morality system in their games. Fable is another title that is well known for implementing it.

Cyberpunk 2077 demo

The mechanic is not very complex. If you act like a good guy then good people will treat you well and bad people will hate you. And if you act like a villain then wholesome people will revile you while the outlaw/bandit types will regard you as a hero. In the first Red Dead Redemption for instance, if you become you much of a villain you will get do-gooders challenging you to duals in order to end your reign of terror.

Morality systems are often regarded as somewhat simplistic and don’t really offer deep or meaningful consequences for your actions. They have grown less and less popular as the years have gone on. So it really shouldn’t be all that shocking that a game which has marketed itself as a dark and mature game will have anything of the sorts.


The actions you take in Cyberpunk 2077 will matter though. There are multiple endings after all. But it just won’t be the “good guy” or “bad guy” ending. CD Projekt Red has stated that they want the player to decide for themselves if what they are doing is moral or not. Leaving that up to the game can cheapen the experience.

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There Will Not Be a Morality System In Cyberpunk 2077