There’s not a whole lot of neat variation when it comes to the Xbox One X. It launched in late 2017 with a standard black color. On November 14, there will be a white Xbox One X as part of the Fallout 76 bundle. That’s it.

Taco Bell has dibs on the third mass-produced model of Microsoft’s beefiest console. There’s a slick platinum limited edition Xbox One X but it’s only available in a Taco Bell contest.

From October 18 through November 21, Taco Bell is giving away a platinum Xbox One X, a white Xbox Elite controller, and three months of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Each $5 Double Chalupa Box comes with a unique code. Text that code to 72823, or enter it at They’re giving away a prize package every 10 minutes, which adds up to 5,040 over the course of the month.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to (nacho) cheese this contest. There aren’t any universal codes that you can use day after day to bypass the whole eating Taco Bell thing. The alternate means of entry requires mailing a postcard to the contest organizers; a maximum of 32 postcards can be sent. The logistics of all this make it likely that there won’t be many days left once the codes get sent back to you. Still, here are the official rules for anyone interested in going that route.

There’s something bigger at play, though. It seems entirely plausible that the platinum Xbox One X will eventually be released at retail. This isn’t some highly-customized console that’s super limited in number. Microsoft made more than 5,000 of them, and it even has its own packaging. No one’s talking quite yet though. An Xbox spokesperson tells Destructoid “The console bundle is exclusive to the promotion, and, although we never say never, there are currently no plans to have them at retail.”

Buy a Double Chalupa Box for a Chance to Win a Limited-Edition Xbox [Xbox Wire]

There's a really cool platinum-colored Xbox One X, but it's exclusive to Taco Bell screenshot

There’s a really cool platinum-colored Xbox One X, but it’s exclusive to Taco Bell