Fortnite Has a Cool Rock Monster That’s Moving

Fortnite was kicking ass and taking names in 2018, earning the spot as the most viewed video game trailer on YouTube this year, as well as the most tweeted video game of 2018. Over the year there have been plenty of changes to the map, including the mysterious cube, and now there’s a new mystery within Fortnite.


Fortnite players discovered a formation of rocks that oddly looks rather human shortly after the start of Season 7. Well now, it seems that this rock monster may just be moving around. If you’re unfamiliar with the rock monster yourself, it can be found within Wailing Woods. One player took to Reddit to showcase this rock monster shifting out of its normal pose, and yes it definitely looks like it’s moving. You can check this out below.


Such as past seasons, some players are speculating that this rock monster could become a much larger part of Season 7 if this is the start of its movement around the map. In fact, some are suggesting this rock formation may be finding its way, slowly but surely, to Tilted Towers to destroy the building that’s currently under construction.

With that said, it’s also just as likely that this rock monster is just a cool feature in Wailing Woods and aside from the occasional shift in pose, it may not move much at all. Of course if other seasons are anything to go by most of the crazy additions to the map didn’t start to do anything until much later in the season. If that’s anything to go by, this shift in formation could just be the beginning of some crazy Season 7 antics.

What do you think could be happening with this rock monster in Wailing Woods? Let us know your theory in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!