Become the Most Overpowered Dark Souls Bosses and Wreak Havoc

Dark Souls III is a game about that will either teach you how to cope with failure or rage-quit. However, this upcoming Dark Souls 3 mod flips the script a bit by allowing players to break minions as rage-inducing bosses.

Dark Souls 3 statue Dark Souls III

To add some fun factor to the game, modder DATEHACKS has built a new Dark Souls III mod called “Forces of Annihilation.” The purpose, which he explained in a Reddit thread, is to let players experience the game as their favorite bosses. We’ve seen a multitude of them in the Souls universe, which is why many fans of the series will pick their favorites – either out of love and respect for the character or the glory of the boss battle itself. Therefore, you can say DATEHACKS is fulfilling another role-playing fantasy with his mod. Or, he just understands how fun it is to moonlight as an overpowered Souls boss.


The question is, do you want to play as the Soul of Cinder? What about The Nameless King? Forces of Annihilation even grants access to Yhorm the Giant, which I don’t imagine will work in cramped areas, but he’s there and that’s a major feat in and of itself. If you’ve vied for the chance to play one of many hardcore Dark Souls III bosses, chances are DATEHACKs has or will make it so. You can catch more of his work in the preview build below.

DATEHACKS’ previous work includes the renowned Age of Fire mod that allows you to play as the bosses in the original Dark Souls. While we don’t have a release date for Forces of Annihilation, his videos indicate that the project is far along. While we wait, let us know your thoughts on this mod in the comments below. Have you been waiting to play as your favorite Dark Souls III boss?