Being the Sheriff Sure Ain’t Easy

This Is the Police 2, a turn-based strategy game about being the sheriff of a small American town, released two days early on Tuesday and the game’s developer, Weappy Studio, have recently launched a patch that aims to fix bugs and further balance the game.

This Is the Police 2

The 1.0.1 patch includes a fix for a gameplay bug that occurred whenever the game was played in Chinese or Japanese, a mouse input fix for those who have touchscreen PCs and several other fixes.

The patch changelog also lists a few gameplay balance changes:

  • Your starting team of cops is better now
  • Professionalism requirement for calls is lowered for the first week (and for some other portions of the game)
  • The game punishes you less for escaped offenders, killed civilians and skipped tactical missions
  • The game rewards you more for closed investigations and destroyed gangs

However, many of the commenters on the patch’s Steam webpage claim that it doesn’t work or fix the problems they have with the game.

“This patch broke more than it fixed,” claimed a Steam user named Markus. “I have had to replay the same day (26 November) five times now. I got to November 30th on 1.0 without encountering a single problem. I’m done until the game is fixed.”

this is the police 2

COGconnected recently published a review for This Is the Police 2 and gave it a score of 80 out of 100. “Overall, This Is The Police 2 is a solid police management game, playing to its strengths and providing a well-rounded experience for players,” our reviewer wrote.


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