This War of Mine “Performed Successfully” On All the Platforms It Launched On

This War of Mine has reached 4.5 million copies sold, the game’s developer, 11 bit studios, announced on Wednesday. The 2014 indie survival game is set in a war-torn country and tasks players with keeping a group of civilians alive during the conflict.

This War of Mine

11 bit studios also announced that it has donated $500,000 to War Child, a charity organization that aids children who have been affected by war.

When it launched back in 2014, This War of Mine was widely praised for giving players a unique perspective on war by having them take care of civilians who were trapped in a warzone.

“Scavenging is horribly tense every time, and it’s also the primary way This War of Mine conveys its story,” the author of our review wrote. “Some of the places you scavenge will be empty, but in other places you’ll run into other survivors. Judging the nature of those around you is important and dangerous work. Some strangers are looking to trade, some just want company, some will want to come back to your shelter, some will be scared of you. Of course, some will be violent as well.”


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This War of Mine Has Sold Over 4 Million Copies

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