Metro Exodus Will Be Exclusive to the Epic Games Store in 2019

The upcoming post-apocalyptic FPS Metro Exodus has been mired in controversy after it was announced on Monday that the PC version of the game would temporarily no longer be sold on Steam and would be sold exclusively on the Epic Games Store reportedly until after February 14, 2020.

THQ Nordic, a company that acquired Koch Media, which is the owner of the game’s publisher, Deep Silver, issued a statement recently on Twitter that addressed the controversy.

Metro Exodus

“The decision to publish Metro Exodus as a timed Epic Store exclusive was made entirely on Koch Media’s side as Metro is their intellectual property,” tweeted THQ Nordic’s Twitter account on Tuesday. “They are a sister company of THQ Nordic (Vienna), which is the reason why we can and will not comment on this matter.”

“We do not want to categorically exclude the possibility of timed exclusives for any of our games in the future, but speaking in the here and now, we definitely want to have the players choose the platform of their liking and make our portfolio available to as many outlets as possible,” the company also said.


Valve, the owner of the digital games platform Steam, has also commented on this controversy and described this timed exclusivity decision as “unfair to Steam costumers“.

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Metro Exodus will launch on February 15th for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.