Maybe, Possibly, Hopefully…?

Fans in Japan have been poring over the Mega Man X Legacy Collection soundtracks, and it looks like a couple of tiny clues are tucked away. Based on a couple of very small hints, it’s quite possible that Capcom is gearing up to release another entry in the Mega Man X series. Maybe.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

To be fair, these are really minuscule. First, the pack-in booklet uses the phrase “the story of X’s fight is not yet over.” This is listed after the entry for Mega Man X8. Pretty insignificant stuff, although a similar phrase, “the legend is not yet complete,” was in the 20th anniversary book from a little while back.


The second clue is actually from the previous Legacy Collections. It was there that fans noticed concept art from Mega Man 11 before it was ever officially announced. Put together, these two facts add up to… very little, actually. If you’re flush with fevered hope for another X game, perhaps this is enough. Also, if you’re hopeful for X9 after playing X7 and X8, clearly we had very different experiences with those games. If Capcom does decide to revive the X series, hopefully they leave certain elements on the drawing board.