TinyBuild CEO Claims the Statement is A Mistake Stemming from A Lack of “proper training”

Alex Nichiporchik is the CEO for TinyBuild, and has been since it’s tumultuous founding. Recently, Nichiporchik was forced to respond to allegations suggesting that his company fails to provide updates or DLCs to GOG because of lack of DRM.


The allegations stem from a conversation between Redditor Snolus and a representative of TinyBuild. The rep says “Updating games on GOG is very unlikely because games are continuously torrented through DRM-free builds. We appreciate people who purchase our games via any platform however we have to be smart in business and knowing that updated versions of games being stolen DRM free is not smart business.”

There is some truth to this. GOG are currently lacking content from TinyBuild that is available on Steam, such as the High Crimes DLC for Party Hard.

In response to the criticism, Nichiporik writes “Let me start by saying none of those views represent tinyBuild’s position. What happened is that we didn’t do proper training for our community management team on the subject matter, and the result blew up in our face”

He continues, “GOG has always been a great partner to work with, and in our intake for community managers we simply didn’t touch upon the incredibly important subject of DRM-free builds for partners and how they’re supported. This is completely on us, and first thing next week I’m gathering the whole team to brief them on our position and how to handle situations like these”

Finally, Nichiporik states “TLDR we didn’t train our community managers properly, and it backfired in our faces. Sorry for radio silence as I wanted to personally dig into what was happening. We’ll update all builds where possible, I’ve already requested a DRM-free deluxe edition build of Party Hard 1 & 2.”